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Definition: Ant Cap

definitionsant cap
May 18, 2022

Definition Ant Caps are a shield which sits atop the subfloor piers (between the piers and subfloor flooring timbers) and overhangs the edges of the pier to provide easy identification of termite activity. Materials Ant Caps are typically made with zincalume sheeting, however other materials which...

Real estate showing home to prospective buyers.

4 Ways a Pre-Sale Building and Pest Inspection Can Help You Sell

Building & Pest InspectionsPre SaleGuides
May 18, 2022

Rectify building inspection defects After having a pre-sale building and pest inspection you could take the opportunity to rectify some low hanging fruit, addressing defects which are relatively simple to fix and/or low in cost. This will not only prevent them from arising when a prospective...

Definition: Expansion Joints

definitionsexpansion joints
May 18, 2022

Definition An expansion joint is a thin gap built into brickwork which allows for slight movement which may naturally occur (from seasonal heat changes or foundation settlement etc.). There are a couple of sub categories of Expansion joints including control joints, and articulation joints. Each a...

Definition: Fascia

May 18, 2022

Definition A fascia is an externally facing sheet which is fixed vertically along the roof line horizontal, forming a band or ribbon around the roof line. Materials Fascias are typically constructed with Colorbond, Zincalume, PVC, or painted timber. Purpose The fascia has multiple purposes....

Building and pest inspection process overview

Building and Pest Inspections: An Overview of the process

Building & Pest InspectionsGuides
May 18, 2022

Finding your new home or investment property So you’ve just found that ideal home or maybe a solid investment property in a prime location. Purchasing a property is typically the most significant investment a person will make in their lifetime; so how can you make sure you’re fully aware of what...

10 Common defects found during a Building and Pest Inspection

DefectsBuilding & Pest Inspections
May 18, 2022

Today I’m writing a post which gives some detail into the common defects we find in dwellings we inspect on a daily basis. These defects are in no particular order and are not necessarily ‘the worst’ defects. If you suspect your home may suffer any of the following feel free to reach out to us to...