4 Ways a Pre-Sale Building and Pest Inspection Can Help You Sell

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4 Ways a Pre-Sale Building and Pest Inspection Can Help You Sell

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Updated: December 3, 2019

Rectify building inspection defects

After having a pre-sale building and pest inspection you could take the opportunity to rectify some low hanging fruit, addressing defects which are relatively simple to fix and/or low in cost. This will not only prevent them from arising when a prospective purchaser gets a building and pest inspection, but it will also help increase the value of your property.

Being ready for when a prospective buyer gets a building and pest inspection

Assuming you utilise the services of a qualified and thorough building and pest inspector you are likely to have everything covered that a prospective buyer’s inspector may stumble upon. With this information already on hand you are able to already have a plan for how you will negotiate any defects that may arise during their inspection.

Setting realistic pricing expectations

A building and pest inspection will give you a realistic idea of any serious issues that may affect the value of your property. After a thorough building and pest inspection you will have the information required to set an honest and realistic price for your property which will attract the right market and avoid disappointment by increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Facilitating a quicker sale

While many buyers may prefer to get their own building and pest inspection report, you may find that if you make them aware that a building and pest report has been done, and assure them that the report has been completed entirely independently they could fast-track their offer while also reducing the need for you (as a seller) to have multiple inspectors visit the property. It is extremely important for both parties that you do not simply give the prospective buyer a copy of your report! This is illegal on the seller’s part and will not provide the purchaser with any insurance against their report. The best course of action is to simply provide the building inspectors details to the prospective buyer and let them organise to purchase a copy of the report with the building inspection company.

If you’re looking to sell and want to be informed throughout the process, The Hunter Inspector offers thorough inspections and detailed pre-sale reports to areas throughout Port Stephens, Newcastle and The Hunter. You can reach out to The Hunter Inspector via our Contact Page.

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