Definition: Ant Cap

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Definition: Ant Cap

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Updated: October 15, 2019

Ant Caps are a shield which sits atop the subfloor piers (between the piers and subfloor flooring timbers) and overhangs the edges of the pier to provide easy identification of termite activity.


Ant Caps are typically made with zincalume sheeting, however other materials which have become popular over recent years include Kordon and Termimesh fabric.


It is important to note that ant caps are not a termite prevention method, they are purely to cause termites to take a visible path which allows for easy detection by a qualified pest inspector or pest control professional.

Ant Cap Defects

Some of the more common defects we find relating to ant caps when completing a building inspection:

  • Ant caps which are inadequately connected or have been installed inadequately
  • Rusted Ant Caps
  • Ant Caps which are missing entirely