Top Quality Building & Pest Inspection Services

The Hunter Inspector offers comprehensive and detailed building and pest inspection services on properties throughout Port Stephens, Newcastle and The Hunter.
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Comprehensive Residential Building and Pest Inspection Services

Residential Building & Pest Inspections

Residential building & pest inspections in Newcastle, Port Stephens and The Hunter make up approximately 80% of our work. We pride ourselves on completing thorough inspections with comprehensive and detailed reports. We provide both pre-purchase inspection and pre-sale inspection services. Whether buying or selling The Hunter Inspector can help you make informed decisions.

Detailed Commercial Building and Pest Inspection Services

Commercial Building & Pest Inspections

The Hunter Inspector has completed countless building and pest inspections on commercial properties; whether it be an office unit, main street shop front, or a factory style warehouse The Hunter Inspector can give you piece of mind when making a big decision on commercial property.

Detailed Building Progress Inspection Services

Building Progress Inspections

A building progress inspection, as it suggests is completed at various stages of progression when constructing a building. The Hunter Inspector has done many building progress inspections on apartments and residential homes alike. We encourage a building progress inspection at various stages of the build, this allows our clients to have a recognised professional on their side when calling out trades for unprofessional workmanship or downright bad practices.

Thorough Pre Handover Building and Pest Inspection Services

Pre Handover Building Inspections

A pre handover inspection is completed at the final phase once the property is ready to be handed over to the purchaser. This is a great opportunity for clients to take advantage of The Hunter Inspector to identify any issues or defects that we consider to be unacceptable of a new dwelling.

Quality Thermal Imaging Inspection Services

Thermal Imaging Inspections

Thermal Imaging is typically an additional service attached to a building inspection or pest inspection. The utilisation of advanced thermal imaging technology can be beneficial in identifying moisture or termite issues within a dwelling. Upon identification of a suspect area, The Hunter Inspector will recommend further invasive inspection to identify the severity of the issue.