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At what stages of building should I organise a building progress inspection?

Typically a building progress inspection would be performed at the following key stages of building:

Pre-Slab/Footing Pour Inspection*

*An inspection at this phase is typically completed by the design engineering company or local council.

Slab Inspection*

*An inspection at this phase is typically completed by the design engineering company or local council.

Timber Frame Inspection

We recommend a timber frame inspection prior to the installation of any wall linings to highlight any inadequacies or defects in the framing timbers or workmanship.Problems often discovered include:

  • Inadequate bracing
  • Distorted or broken timbers
  • Roof trusses out of alignment
  • Missing flashings

Dwelling Lock-Up Inspection

This inspection is generally carried out once external cladding is completed and internal linings (including plumbing and electrical rough-in) fitted. This inspection typically highlights any inadequacies of the internal and external lining finishes, as well as inconsistencies in the colours or materials used throughout the dwelling.

Pre Handover Building Inspection

This inspection typically takes place prior to the final payment being made to the builder. Items highlighted during this inspection include: quality of finishes, appropriate inclusions (if specified), and general quality of workmanship. It is extremely important to get the pre handover building inspection stage of a building progress inspection, and it is important you arrange this to be carried out by a qualified, licensed and experienced builder. Having a veteran builder on your side will be extremely valuable as they will be able to call out dodgy workmanship with confidence.

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