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Commercial Inspections

The Hunter Inspector has been performing commercial inspections in Newcastle for many years; inspecting everything from old post offices, to large factories, to multi-tenant CBD spaces. As Newcastle and The Hunter continue to develop we expect commercial inspections to continue to be a core part of our services.

The inspection of a commercial factory type unit is completed under the same standards and scope of a residential building inspection, however due to the styles of typical commercial structures issues which are particularly sought after in a commercial building inspection include:

  • Cracking to slabs
  • Waterproofness of the structure
  • Timber pest infestations.

When performing commercial inspections on large factory units, not only will we report on the factory floor, but we will also provide details on the other amenities within the building and note any defects found during the inspection of them.

The inspection of a commercial premises such as a holiday rental property or office type premises is more closely aligned to a regular building and pest inspection and common defects found are similar to a residential property or apartment.