Investing in Newcastle Property?

Investments are a great opportunity to create wealth and turn a profit. Make sure you don’t sign yourself up for any nasty surprises that could kill your profits.

5 Reasons why getting a Building and Pest Inspection on a potential investment property is a no brainer

Save THOUSANDS with stronger negotiation

Equipped with the knowledge you receive from a detailed building and pest inspection from The Hunter Inspector you could be positioned to save thousands or tens of thousands on your investment property. An investment property is a business decision and you should utilise every method you can to make sure you are not only mitigating risk, but also striving for a profitable investment.

Avoid deal breaker defects

Different property investors have different appetites for risk, think about your absolute deal breakers for a property. Whether it’s termites, re-stumping or just an overwhelming amount of smaller issues it is paramount you get the details to make an informed decision to avoid a stressful investment and likely a loss.

Identifying a prime ‘fixer upper’

Fixer uppers are highly sought after by investors, but a building and pest report will give you the information to make an educated assessment on whether you’re getting an actual fixer upper or a dump!

Being aware of asbestos

During a building and pest inspection, The Hunter Inspector will highlight areas which have been constructed using materials which we suspect contain asbestos; while not a serious hazard when undisturbed, asbestos may add a significant cost to any renovation work you hope to complete.

Assessing time to occupy

Every day your property remains vacant is a cost you will have to wear. Are you hoping to put tenants into the property straight away in its current state and leave renovations for a few years down the track? Or are you planning on tidying up the house before getting tenants in a hope to increase your rental yield? A building and pest inspection will give you the information to make an assessment on how much work needs to be done to a property before you would be willing to put tenants in.

Upcoming big ticket maintenance costs

A building and pest report will give you a great insight into issues which may not require immediate rectification, but could worsen overtime and become bigger ticket maintenance costs.

Buying an investment property without a building and pest inspection is like purchasing a car without a service history, who know’s what you’re actually getting under the hood… The only difference is a 2nd hand car might be 20K whereas a home may be closer to 400K.

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