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Pre Handover Building Inspection Services

The handover of a brand new home can come after months or even years of building. Don't rush to accept your new home if you feel it is not up to scratch. Get a professional and licensed master builder in to give you a second opinion.

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What is a Pre Handover Building Inspection?

A Pre-Handover Inspection is often completed as a standalone inspection which typically takes place immediately after the handing over of keys and prior to final payment to the builder.

A Pre-Handover Inspection may also occur as the final inspection as part of an on-going Building Progress Inspection. This inspection ensures you that you are getting a house that is up to the standards of a licensed builder and what would be expected when purchasing a new home.

What does The Hunter Inspector look for in a Pre-Handover Inspection?

While it is difficult to list out ALL the things The Hunter Inspector will look for, some common items which are sought after include:

  • Quality of finished wall linings
  • Quality of Paintwork
  • Waterproofness of the shower cubicle
  • Quality of door fittings (rattling, binding, uneven gapping)
  • Quality of insulation installation in the roof void
  • Adequacy of the roof structure

Some items which are more aesthetic issues, however still should not appear in a brand new home include:

  • Drummy tiles
  • Chipped or cracked tiles
  • Chipped or cracked benchtops
  • Cracked mirrors
  • Tap flanges not installed
  • Unfinished areas (typically internals of wardrobes)
  • Sealing of internal doors (tops and bottoms)

If a dwelling is atop piers, during our inspection of the subfloor we typically look for:

  • Adequate installation of Ant Caps
  • Overall structural adequacy of the subfloor

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