Definition: Architraves

Definition Architraves are pieces of internal dressing timber that run around the doors and/or windows of a building. Note: architraves are easily confused with skirting boards, which run along the bottoms of the walls; we'll do a post on them soon! Materials...

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Definition: Flashing

Definition Flashing is a thin piece of impervious (doesn’t allow fluid to pass through it) material which is installed to prevent moisture penetration  into a building or structure. Materials There are many materials used for flashing each with their own benefits and...

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Definition: Expansion Joints

Definition An expansion joint is a thin gap built into brickwork which allows for slight movement which may naturally occur (from seasonal heat changes or foundation settlement etc.). There are a couple of sub categories of Expansion joints including control joints,...

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Definition: Ant Cap

Definition Ant Caps are a shield which sits atop the subfloor piers (between the piers and subfloor flooring timbers) and overhangs the edges of the pier to provide easy identification of termite activity. Materials Ant Caps are typically made with zincalume sheeting,...

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Definition: Fascia

Definition A fascia is an externally facing sheet which is fixed vertically along the roof line horizontal, forming a band or ribbon around the roof line. The fascia is highlighted in fig 1.0. Materials Fascias are typically constructed with Colorbond, Zincalume, PVC,...

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The Hunter Inspector is here: Why we rebranded.

From 'Hunter Pre-Purchase Inspections' to 'The Hunter Inspector': Having serviced The Hunter Region for over 10 years, the decision to rebrand was not made overnight; however with that being said, it became the obvious path to move our business forward and remain...

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