Thermal Imaging Inspections

The Hunter Inspector has completed hundreds of thermal imaging inspections in Port Stephens, Newcastle and The Hunter Valley.
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About Thermal Imaging Inspections

Typically a complementary element of a standard building and pest inspection, a thermal imaging inspection gives us a better insight into possible damage hidden within the walls of the dwelling. It is important to note that there are a number of reasons a thermal imaging camera may display readings and it is difficult to tell exactly the reason without further invasive investigation; this is why we will usually recommend a client undertake an invasive inspection if an areas is particularly concerning.

We have completed loads of thermal imaging inspections in Port Stephens and Newcastle; and have found Thermal Imaging to be a useful method of picking up issues including:

  • Termite Activity
  • Leaking showers
  • Leaking plumbing
  • Leaks around windows
  • Moisture penetration from the roof line

One caveat of Thermal Imaging Inspections that a lot of people would not know about is that a Thermal Imaging Camera will not pickup on existing termite damage. The reason for this, is that the termites have been and gone, there is no longer any heat signals to pickup from the termites.

The Hunter Inspector addresses this by performing an extremely thorough inspection of the subfloor and roof void (if applicable to your dwelling and accessible). If he finds termite damage in both the subfloor and the roof void, it is likely that they have caused damage as they have moved through the dwelling.

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